Intrusion-warning Systems from Securaplane

 - September 19, 2006, 8:46 AM

One of few companies that make aircraft intrusion-monitoring equipment, Securaplane claims to be the security system recommended most by OEMs and FBOs worldwide. The company has installed systems in 600 aircraft, ranging from small turboprops to large business jets.

Securaplane’s systems use all-metal reed relay switches to monitor door/panel status, and passive infrared human detectors monitor wheelwells. Each system includes a control display unit (CDU) that provides a read-out capability of all intrusion data and a list of all monitor points. The unit can store 1,600 events and review them if necessary.

A digital alarm indicator, a miniature CDU, is mounted behind a small panel such as the oxygen door, where it can be accessed from outside the aircraft. It can arm and disarm the system and display system status and violations on its 10-character LED display.

The alarm indicator, a resettable magnetic device that retains the indications even without power, shows system violations. Each system includes its own battery and charger, which charges from the aircraft’s 28-volt DC bus.

On Securaplane’s System 500 the operator can use a small, remote UHF transceiver to command and interrogate the “black box” on the airplane from a range of up to 10 miles. The digital response will tell the operator where an intrusion took place as well as the time and duration.

The Tucson, Ariz.-based company also makes the System 450, which is similar to the 500 but without the remote transceiver, and the Ultra-Lite System, which is designed for smaller jets, turboprops and helicopters.

Securaplane’s new PreFlite System provides worldwide coverage using the international GSM mobile network, providing real-time alerts, interrogation and monitoring from any telephone. Both the System 500 and System 450 can be upgraded to the PreFlite system.