Security Training

 - September 19, 2006, 8:35 AM

For GA airports that are searching for ways to train employees, tenants and users about TSA security guidelines, an Edmonton, Canada company has released a new, online self-study course, “Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports.”

Aerostudies said the course is designed for FBOs, corporate and charter flight operators, maintenance and repair facilities, airport management/authorities, aircraft owners and operators and others.

The course provides an extensive list of ideas, options and suggestions for security enhancements to GA airports. Included are tools to assess each airport’s security requirements and determine which security enhancements may apply. It takes approximately one hour to complete, including a 20-question exam at the end.

Aerostudies said it demonstrated the course to several key people in the FAA, TSA and various aviation businesses for their feedback. The response was unanimously positive, according to the company. Aerostudies said it is the author of the FAA’s online training on the Washington, D.C., air defense identification zone.

The airport security course is priced at $49.95 each or $34.95 each for three or more. It can be purchased at