Factual Report: Caravan loses power, lands on road

 - September 20, 2006, 6:37 AM

Cessna 208 Caravan, Round Rock, Texas, Oct. 18, 2005–The FedEx Caravan made a forced landing after the engine quit in night VMC. The ATP-rated pilot, the sole occupant, incurred minor injuries and the airplane was substantially damaged. After takeoff from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and leveling off at 7,000 feet, the pilot reported “engine failure and a total power loss.” His attempts to restart the engine were not successful. He tried to land on a road but the right wing hit a utility pole.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada maintenance manual calls for inspection of the fuel pump every 600 hours by looking for a reddish brown (iron oxide) stain. This inspection was done approximately 130 hours before the accident, but on inspection after the accident, a reddish-brown stain was visible on the accessory gearbox of the fuel-control unit.