Final Report: Improper flare blamed for Learjet overrun

 - September 20, 2006, 5:22 AM

Learjet 35A, Eagle, Colo., July 15, 2005– The NTSB determined that the cause of the overrun was the pilot’s improper flare, resulting in a hard landing and fractured nose-gear attachment and subsequent loss of control. High speed on approach, improper planning and decision and the pilot’s inability to maintain directional control after the gear failure were factors.

As the chartered Learjet approached Eagle County Regional Airport, it came in “pretty fast, with the nose down, and touched down about halfway down Runway 25,” according to a witness. The airplane hit the ground, the “front end” shaking, and ran off the runway. The tower controller saw that the main landing gear separated and was left on the runway. The airplane caught fire and the two pilots got out. One returned to help the nurse remove the patient, who was on oxygen and who said his back was broken.