Honeywell’s Global Data Center (GDC) has announced launch of an integrated flight data management service

 - September 20, 2006, 5:30 AM

According to the company, it provides a real-time connection to the FAA’s Enhanced Traffic Management System (ETMS). As an upgrade offered with Honeywell’s Flight Sentinel service, it enables business jet operators to take advantage of the technical benefits of the FAA’s Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) program, which includes priority departure slots, flight swapping and other features designed to trim costs and minimize delays. “The Flight Sentinel staff coordinates with the FAA to solve potential problems before they impact subscriber flights,” explained GDC business manager James Falen. “Through the ETMS system, CDM participants such as Honeywell can submit their aggregate ‘flight intent’ data to the FAA many hours before each day’s flights. The early warning,” he explained, “allows the FAA to make more accurate predictions, achieving a higher utilization of the national airspace.” A spokesman said the service is included as part of the current Flight Sentinel subscriber package at no additional cost.