ICAO approves pilots over 60

 - September 20, 2006, 7:19 AM

The International Civil Aviation Organization adopted a “standard” to increase the upper age limit for airline pilots to age 65, effective November 23. But the measure is limited to two-pilot crews when the other pilot is younger than 60 years of age. ICAO also approved a recommendation that would ban airline pilots from flying after age 65. An ICAO “standard” is a mandatory minimum requirement and member countries must notify ICAO if they choose to impose a more restrictive limit. Of 112 ICAO member countries responding to an ICAO letter, 83 percent indicated that an international age limit above 60 years would be appropriate for airline pilots. However, 16 percent–including the U.S.–indicated a preference to maintain the current upper age limit of 60 years, citing possible safety risks and a lack of convincing data that flying after age 60 is safe.