FAs Go to Bat against Comair

 - September 21, 2006, 6:21 AM

Members of the executive board of the local Teamsters chapter representing Comair’s 818 flight attendants unanimously passed a resolution to authorize a strike after the company asked a bankruptcy court judge to void their contract. The bankrupt regional airline has asked for $8.9 million in annual cost concessions from the group, which last month ended negotiations while it prepared for the March 27 to 29 hearings in New York City. “The company’s demands are unreasonable, and we plan to fight them in court,” said Teamsters representative Victoria Gray.

Recently negotiated concessions from the Comair pilots’ and mechanics’ unions worth $18.3 million won’t go into effect until the company reaches terms with the flight attendants, which claim the airline’s demands would result in average pay and benefits cuts of 38 percent.