Probable cause in Jetstream crash

 - September 25, 2006, 6:36 AM

The NTSB last month issued its final report on the Oct. 19, 2004, crash of a Corporate Airlines Jetstream 32 at Kirksville, Mo. The probable cause of the accident–which killed two pilots and 11 of the 13 passengers–centered on the captain’s “preoccupation” with visual cues rather than instruments during a 1,200 fpm descent; failure of the first officer to challenge the descent below the MDA; fatigue; “unprofessional, excessive chatter with improper callouts” and deviation from sterile cockpit procedures below 10,000 feet agl. The Safety Board also concluded that regulations encourage descent below the MDA to acquire visual cues and recommended that new research on crew fatigue be incorporated into duty and flight time limits.