In The Works: Quest Kodiak

 - September 25, 2006, 12:24 PM

Quest Aircraft’s Kodiak prototype (S/N 001) has logged more than 330 flight hours and is currently on schedule to receive FAA certification in the second quarter. At press time, the STOL turboprop single was being prepared for spin testing and was being fitted with a conforming rudder and horizontal stabilizer. Additionally, a three-display Garmin G1000 was installed in late December.

From a manufacturing standpoint, Sandpoint, Idaho-based Quest completed the fuselage and tail of the second airframe in October, and both were undergoing static structural load testing at press time. According to the start-up company, this work was nearly complete, with the FAA scheduled to witness the final tests last month.

Quest has also completed FAA drop testing on the landing gear and reports that the first shipsets are manufactured and ready. Next on the company’s to-do list is installation and testing of a new belly pod, initial float construction by Aerocet and delivery of a new propeller for use on the water.

To date, Quest has orders for about 20 copies of the $1.11 million (2005 $) 10-seater.