FlightView has announced release of its Dispatch 4.4 software with two new key elements.

 - September 26, 2006, 7:34 AM

An Alerts Manager feature allows the user to send alerts automatically to any Blackberry, mobile phone or e-mail inbox in the world. It is triggered by user-selected specific events such as takeoff, diversion and landing.

The enhanced weather feature adds airmets, sigmets, SCITS, cloud tops and TFRs to the program. Graphical overlays with text detail show the relationship of aircraft and routes with weather or traffic zones. The SCITS include direction, altitude and speed.

According to director of marketing David Byrd, 4.4 is free to current subscribers, with the exception of “a slight fee increase with the weather upgrade.” The monthly fee for new subscribers is $200 for as many as three computers.