The latest version of Flight Explorer 5.0 takes the Alexandria, Va.-based company’s software well beyond simple flight tracking.

 - September 26, 2006, 7:33 AM

The company announced release of the Flight Explorer 6.0 software upgrade at the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference last month.

Flight planning system integration with 6.0 allows users to send route-planning information between Flight Explorer and the flight-planning tools already available. Users can import and display both company and preferred routes as well as current and predicted weather and air traffic overlays.

Route check shows routes in relation to other en route traffic and weather, allowing users to anticipate delays and make necessary flight-planning changes before filing with the FAA.

Runway visual range (RVR) data shows real-time visibility conditions at any airport runway where FAA reports real-time RVR.

Proactive alerts on aircraft and flight conditions including METAR, RVR, diversions and FAA delays allow the user to determine operational effect.

New graphic weather overlays (METAR, RVR and diversion) can be displayed so users can take appropriate action within their flight operations.

ENSCO predictive weather shows graphic weather scenarios six hours into the future, and NASA FACET predictive air traffic data shows graphical forecasts of anticipated traffic at an airport or within a given Tracon.

ESRI shape file support allows users to import industry standard vector image files (or create their own) for display of geographical or company-specific points of interest (hospitals, offshore oil rigs and so on), lines or polygons fully integrated with Flight Explorer.

At 13 U.S. Tracons, 6.0 provides better positional accuracy and an improvement in reporting frequency from once a minute to every 20 seconds.

For most of the new features, the upgrade is free to current Flight Explorer subscribers. There is an additional monthly charge for the predictive weather feature. According to Beth Conord, v-p of sales and marketing, Flight Explorer will offer the upgrade to new subscribers in segment-based pricing structure, starting at $275 a month.