Conquest II Autopilot Approved for RVSM

 - September 27, 2006, 4:42 AM

Conquest II operators can once again fly above 28,000 feet, thanks to the recent RVSM approval of an autopilot manufactured by S-Tec and STC’d for installation in the airplane. The Mineral Wells, Texas-based autopilot maker has achieved RVSM approval for Conquest IIs equipped with the Magic 2100 digital FCS and Magic flight displays, touted by S-Tec and its parent company, Meggitt, as the only fully digital cockpit available for the Conquest II. The S-Tec autopilot has been engineered to meet the stricter altitude-keeping requirements. In force for the last year, reduced vertical separation minimums allow approved airplanes to fly at 1,000-foot flight-level separations, instead of the 2,000 feet of separation required for non-approved aircraft.