Embraer cuts legacy maintenance costs

 - September 27, 2006, 7:17 AM

The cost of operating an Embraer Legacy 600 has gone down as a result of the Brazilian airworthiness authority’s approval of a revision to the aircraft’s maintenance planning guide (MPG).

According to Embraer, operators of the Legacy 600 will benefit from a 21.5-percent reduction in maintenance man hours per flight hour in light of further refinement of the Legacy’s MPG. Maintenance program flexibility was also increased for greater operator convenience.

The company also reports that Legacy Shuttle customers will enjoy a 20-percent decrease in maintenance man hours per flight hour with the revision of the aircraft’s maintenance review board report recently approved by aviation agencies in Brazil, Europe and the U.S. A revision of the Legacy’s MPG announced in 2004 had already reduced the number of maintenance stops to four per year–two for only visual inspections, reducing labor costs by an estimated 23 percent.