Gulfstream Flap Asymmetry Tester Available

 - September 27, 2006, 5:58 AM

AirMech Innovations (AMI) announces the development of the AMI Model 104 flap asymmetry tester designed specifically for use with the Gulfstream II, III and IV. The unit performs all of the functions necessary to facilitate the calibration, testing and adjustment of the aircraft’s left and right wing flaps.

The new model includes an auto set switch to move the flaps automatically to a repeatable reference position, a switch position display that shows the position of each asymmetry switch for comparison, a flaps locked indicator, and a sensitive phase error indicator. It’s also small enough to stow on board.

According to an AMI spokesman, the device can accurately test both asymmetry switches while requiring access to only one side of the aircraft. No long cables are required, so set-up and take-down times are halved, said the company. The price is $3,495.