Midcoast Aviation–Big and Getting Bigger

 - September 27, 2006, 10:50 AM

Midcoast Aviation of Cahokia, Ill., has plans to build a new $9 million, 115,000-sq-ft hangar and has added more than 160 employees in the last year. The St. Louis Downtown Airport resident has seen its completion and refurbishment business nearly double since this time last year and is on track to generate a 40-percent growth in revenue to $195 million during the fiscal year that began last July 1.

The hangar bays will accommodate as many as six aircraft the size of a Global Express or large-cabin Gulfstream and up to 16 midsize or super-midsize aircraft. The new structure consists of two 270-sq-ft by 135-sq-ft aircraft bays, separated by 40,000 sq ft of support shop space on two floors.