OEMs must make more sims available

 - September 28, 2006, 5:09 AM

Operators are struggling to book time in flight simulators for certain types of business aircraft, according to Steve Fisher, director of corporate aviation with Shell Aircraft International. Fisher told the European Business Aviation Association regional forum on September 13 that some manufacturers aren’t ensuring that there is sufficient simulator capacity to meet training needs that are increasingly relying on full-flight devices.

According to Fisher, OEMs and training providers need to “harmonize” their efforts, and “the burden to do this should be mainly with the OEM.” He also urged OEMs, training organizations and operators to push for greater standardization in training practices.
Fisher concluded that as flight training develops there will be a greater emphasis on cockpit resource management and increased use of flight data monitoring equipment to give pilots instant feedback on safety issues from any flight or segment of a flight.