Chances on tap for Class B airspace

 - September 29, 2006, 10:11 AM

A supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking modifies previously proposed (Nov. 23, 2003) changes to the Minneapolis Class B airspace. This action proposes to add a new Area F to contain large turbine-powered aircraft within Class B airspace during operations on new Runway 17/35 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Runway 17/35, which is 8,000 feet long, is scheduled to become operational on October 27. Meanwhile, the configuration of Los Angeles Class B airspace is set to change on December 22 to ensure that STAR routes are contained within the protected airspace and to β€œcorrect inefficiencies of several existing areas.” In addition, the shoreline transition route with multiple altitudes will be reinstated to allow pilots β€œto retain flight following at all times.”