More time to meet SIC type rating

 - September 29, 2006, 10:07 AM

Pilots will have several more months to comply with the new second-in-command (SIC) type rating rule. Published on August 4, the rule had an effective date of September 6, after which pilots serving as second-in-command would have to have an SIC type rating when flying to international destinations. However, at press time the FAA was preparing a notice that would establish a compliance deadline of March 6 next year. This compliance date will allow pilots and the FAA the “necessary time to meet the administrative obligations of this final rule,” according to an agency official. The goal is to allow U.S. flight crews to continue to operate in international airspace without the threat of being grounded for not holding the appropriate rating. Meanwhile, the official said, “The FAA will continue to file its difference with ICAO for the exception of our SIC pilot rules versus the ICAO standard for SIC pilots.”