Chinese S-76 Fleet Grows

 - October 2, 2006, 11:58 AM

China Eastern General Aviation Corporation (EGAC) is to buy two Sikorsky S-76C+s to support oil support missions off northern China. They join nine S-76s offshore oil operators currently flying in China. The Ministry of Communications operates two more on offshore search-and-rescue duties from Shanghai.

China EGAC, a subsidiary of China Eastern Air Holding Company, recently signed the agreement with Sikorsky in Shanghai. Each S-76 will be equipped with a health and usage monitoring system and an enhanced ground proximity warning system.

China EGAC is one of three large offshore helicopter operators in China and the one with the longest operating history. Based in Tianjin, EGAC has been supporting oil companies in northern China, especially in the Bohai Bay area (where these new aircraft will be based), for the past 20 years.