Factual Report: Unqualified Pilot Flew King Air

 - October 2, 2006, 2:58 PM

Beech King Air B200, Morlan, Ga., Dec. 4, 2003–The Southeastern Air Charter King Air crashed on a localizer approach to Runway 32 at the Newnan Coweta County Airport. IMC prevailed and an IFR flight plan was filed. The 1,488-hour commercial pilot and ATP-rated copilot were killed and the airplane suffered substantial damage, including a post-crash fire. The repositioning flight came from Douglas, Ga.

The ATP-rated pilot was in the right seat because he had severed several fingers from his right hand the previous week and had difficulty operating the engine and propeller controls from the left seat after the surgery to reattach the fingers. The left-seat commercial pilot’s most recent proficiency check was on Jan. 11, 2003, in a Cessna 210; he was not current in instrument flying. There were no records showing he had undergone a flight check in the accident airplane. Antidepressants were found in his body.

Cleared for the Localizer 32 approach to Newnan, the pilot was told radar service was terminated, which he acknowledged. Radar data showed the airplane on course and lined up with the runway when the accident occurred.

A witness saw that the ceiling was down to 150 to 200 feet and wondered “who was attempting to land at that time.” Wind was 060 degrees at three knots, visibility one mile, ceiling 200 feet overcast and temperature and dew point two degrees C.