Whelen Marketing LED Anti-collision lights STC

 - October 2, 2006, 1:16 PM

Whelen Engineering has received STC approval for its Model 70900 Series LED anti-collision beacon, the first of its kind to be approved for general aviation aircraft, says the company.

According to Whelen, an LED light source offers numerous improvements over existing light sources, including longer life, vibration resistance, low current draw, no EMI/RFI emissions and no externally mounted power supply. Whelen’s STC approval allows replacement of existing rotating beacons, self-contained strobes and halogen flashers without the need for field approval.

The solid-state LED light source has shown conservative lab life results of more than 20,000 hours. LED light sources do not have a fragile filament or a gas-filled glass envelope so they are resistant to vibration. Testing has shown radiated RF is immeasurable, therefore eliminating the need for RF shielding. The units come with a three-year unlimited warranty.