FBOs want pilots to sign hold-harmless forms

 - October 5, 2006, 10:40 AM

In an attempt to limit their insurable losses and reduce premiums, some FBOs continue to ask transient pilots to sign hold-harmless forms. Some go so far as to inform the pilot that they cannot perform the service unless pilots sign the form or that they must charge a higher price for services. Pilots and aircraft owners have protested the practice. Some owners have ordered their pilots and schedulers and dispatchers to avoid FBOs at which hold-harmless forms are a condition of doing business. A few FBOs have reached a sort of compromise position. They do not “require” a signed agreement, but they provide discounts on some services for those who do sign the form. Whatever advocates or detractors may say about these agreements, they are apparently here to stay. And the one thing attorneys seem to agree on is that your company should have an established policy about whether or not to sign them. Additional information is available from NBAA on its Web site: www.nbaa.org.