Advanced vision test flights end

 - October 9, 2006, 4:30 AM

Wrapping up a four-year effort, officials from Rockwell Collins, NASA, the FAA and other entities last month conducted the culminating test flight of advanced-vision avionics in an FAA 727. Combining database-driven synthetic and infrared enhanced views on head-up and head-down displays, the so-called SE-Vision project is intended to improve safety by providing pilots with integrated virtual and real-world views of terrain, obstacles, other aircraft, vehicles and the airport environment. Additional flights in a 737, a Gulfstream V and the 727 have been conducted at various locations around the country since the project began in 2001. Researchers will examine data from the flights and provide reports to NASA and the U.S. Air Force. Excerpts are expected to be made available to the public.