AirNav adding AirBoss fuel card for transient pilots

 - October 9, 2006, 1:06 PM

Airport information provider AirNav is launching AirBoss, a new fuel card membership service that is open to pilots and FBOs. For pilots, annual membership costs $39 (100 octane) or $79 (100-octane and jet-A) and provides discounted fuel at AirBoss FBOs. FBOs don’t pay a fee to join AirBoss but must advertise on AirNav’s online airport database.

FBOs will advertise special AirBoss prices in their AirNav listing, and pilot members will pay those discounted prices. The AirBoss card cannot be used at a pilot’s home airport, according to AirNav, which explained that “the program is designed to help you save when you travel.” Pilots pay for fuel using cash or ordinary credit cards, not the AirBoss card, which indicates only that a pilot is a member of the program. For AirBoss FBOs, AirNav’s listing will show the FBO’s retail fuel price and the AirBoss price. FBOs can select how prices are shown, including a fixed number of cents less than retail, a percentage below retail or an independent price that the FBO can change at any time.

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