IWG Sells 1,000th Aircraft Water Treatment Unit

 - October 9, 2006, 8:54 AM

The end product may not be Perrier, but it’s just as tasty and just as clean. It’s what comes out of the business end of International Water Guard’s (IWG) ultraviolet water treatment units, and the Burnaby, B.C. company has just shipped its 1,000th unit.

President and CEO David Fox said there has been a “significant” increase in sales over the past several years, which he attributes to “a steep increase in awareness about the problem of biological contamination of onboard water supplies.”

The original NPS-A2 was the first flight-approved ultraviolet potable water disinfection unit developed and three other versions have since been developed. One of the latest, the NPS-A4, is the smallest unit and Fox said demand for it as a point-of-use water treatment device in aircraft galleys has been growing.