In The Works: IBIS Aerospace

 - October 9, 2006, 1:36 PM

Ibis Aerospace said FAA and EASA certification of its Ae270 turboprop single was pending at press time. The Prague, Czech Republic-based company recently completed the flight-test regime as required by the Czech Aviation Authority (CAA), making the final certification test flight on May 10. Additionally, the manufacturer has delivered all of the required reports, which are being reviewed jointly by the CAA and FAA.

The CAA, in close cooperation with the FAA, has conducted a preliminary review of the certification documents. Further, FAA representatives have flown the Ae270, and they consider the aircraft’s operational characteristics to be “quite good for its class.”

After certification, Ibis Aerospace will continue to work on enhancing the aircraft. Developments are under way to enhance the Ae270 by improving several key performance areas through a number of design initiatives. According to Ibis, extensive market reviews show high market potential for this class of aircraft with improved performance.