Aeronautics Research Bill Lauded

 - October 10, 2006, 9:27 AM

Rep. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) has introduced the “Aeronautics Research and Development Revitalization Act of 2005” to reinvigorate the nation’s aeronautics research program. According to the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), NASA aeronautics funding has declined over the past 12 fiscal years from a high of $1.54 billion in Fiscal Year 1994 to $852.3 million as requested in President Bush’s FY2006 budget.

“The development of a national aeronautics policy as described in Congressman Udall’s bill is critical to stopping the bleeding in the aeronautics budget and reversing the steady 12-year decline,” said John Douglass, president and CEO of AIA.

“We are encouraged by the actions of the leaders on Capitol Hill who have jurisdiction over NASA funding,” he said. “They are stepping forward to develop a long-term policy on our nation’s aeronautics funding before we jeopardize the $31 billion trade surplus the U.S. aerospace industry generates.”

Douglass said a strong aeronautics program that includes robust funding for rotorcraft and engine technologies is critical not only for the aerospace industry, but also for national competitiveness and the quality of life of every American.