Final Report: Control lost on go-around

 - October 10, 2006, 7:24 AM

Raytheon Beech King Air E90, New Roads, La., June 23, 2005–While making a go-around at False River Regional Airport, the 4,000-hour pilot lost control and the King Air pitched up, stalled and crashed into a cornfield. All five people on board were killed. The NTSB determined the cause of the accident was the multi-engine- and instrument-rated pilot’s failure to maintain airspeed during the go-around.

One witness reported that the “airplane was coming in very fast.” He then “saw the airplane come up again, turning to the left” at about midfield, “real low.” The wings were “straight up and down.” The airplane subsequently “fell straight into the
ground and exploded on impact.”

Another witness said he heard the “motor cutting out” and said it appeared that the “plane hit the runway and got back in the air.” He saw the airplane veer to the left over a hangar, wings perpendicular to the hangar and roll inverted. He saw the airplane in a nose-down attitude and  “explode” on impact.

Several residents said the weather was VMC, partly cloudy, visibility about 10 miles with light variable breeze.