Avcoach guides first-time bizav buyers

 - October 11, 2006, 6:21 AM

Given the decline in airline service, invasive security at the airport and fewer nonstop flights, it’s no wonder that those with the means to travel by business aircraft are doing so. But purchasing a business airplane can be a complicated process, one that could actually drive away prospective buyers.

Enter Oxford, Conn.-based AvCoach, “a consulting/coaching firm with the goal of helping guide potential airplane owners through that potentially intimidating process.”

“Unlike a broker’s, our goal is to find out what the client’s expectations are and then match those expectations and dreams with the appropriate aircraft, not to sell them a specific product,” said AvCoach operations director Chris Carman. “Purchasing an aircraft is a discovery process; it should be fun and exciting, not frustrating.”

AvCoach said it first talks with the client about goals and expectations, provides basic cost information and financing options and offers insight into the advantages of private ownership. Only after this process is completed does it start discussing specific aircraft models.

“We are totally objective. We are here to educate, not sell,” noted Carman. “There is no timeline on a decision and no cost to the client.”

Whether the best option is fractional or complete ownership or even staying with the airlines, AvCoach will walk its clients through the concept of airplane ownership. AvCoach also offers airplane management and pilot services, as well as aircraft sales.