Fault code interrogation of DEEC data for TFE731s

 - October 16, 2006, 11:04 AM

Jet-Care International is offering a diagnostic tool for monitoring the condition of Honeywell TFE731 engines. “It was apparent from a recent survey that it was of great interest to operators to have the DEEC (digital electronic engine control) download read in its entirety, and Jet-Care is pleased to announce we have succeeded in identifying all the fault codes that are registered within the DEECs,” said Jet-Care CEO David Glass.

“On each download operators enrolled in this additional service will receive a report from Jet-Care detailing all fault codes extracted from the DEEC,” Glass said. “They will also receive an emergency call for those that are of critical importance.

“All DEEC downloads are archived, allowing the operator to investigate the entire history of the engine,” Glass explained. “This is a great advantage for pre-buys and for showing evidence of a well maintained aircraft in which faults have been rectified. It further enhances and hopefully increases the operational efficiency of 731-powered aircraft.” Jet-Care is marketing the program to customers for an additional $1,000 per airframe for all operators, regardless of fleet size. The charge for three-engine aircraft will be $1,300, and the charge for four-engine aircraft will be $1,600.