PS Engineering Gets Sirius about Future of In-flight Audio

 - October 16, 2006, 7:45 AM

The latest cockpit audio panel from PS Engineering, the PMA8000-SR, does everything a conventional panel can, with one extra feature sure to get the attention of audiophiles.

Included with the $2,950 product is a built-in Sirius satellite radio receiver, which can be controlled with the audio panel or by using an included remote control. Through the front panel control, the pilot can select so-called karaoke mode, allowing music to play continuously without interruption and placing the music in the background while having the radios in the foreground.

The duplex TEL mode in the PMA8000 lets the pilot access a hands-free cellular telephone through the audio panel and headset as well. An additional front panel intercom configuration allows passengers to use the cellphone feature while the crew remains connected to the communications radios.