Flight Options Limited-time Incentives

 - October 17, 2006, 10:47 AM

Cleveland-based fractional provider Flight Options announced three new buyer-incentive programs. Until December 16, buyers of a three-thirty-second share (75 hours of annual usage) in a new Hawker 400XP will get an extra 25 occupied hours per year (a total of 100 hours) with no additional capital outlay. Subject to limited inventory, those buying a Hawker 800XP share from Flight Options will be able to fly at the Hawker 400XP hourly rate, which is $425 less per flight hour. The third offer, free membership in the Fuel Club fixed fuel-pricing program for the first year, can be combined with either of the two aforementioned incentives, as well as with the share purchase of an Embraer Legacy. It is also available until December 16.