FAA Approves Rannoch asFlight-tracking Data Provider

 - October 18, 2006, 10:11 AM

The FAA has approved Rannoch as a class-1 provider of ASDI (aircraft situational display to industry) data, adding the company to the list of services that offer online subscribers access to real-time flight information. Rannoch said it will use the flight-tracking data as part of its AirScene suite of services. Currently about 20 companies are FAA-approved as class-1 ASDI data providers. The electronic feed includes all aircraft operating on IFR flight plans in the continental U.S., as well as some aircraft using VFR flight following.

Business aircraft operators can request that the tail numbers of their aircraft be removed from the online services by joining NBAA’s BARR (blocked aircraft registration request) program. To join, aircraft operators must send an official request letter on company letterhead to NBAA including the make, model and tail number for each aircraft to be blocked; the reason for the request; and the signature of the NBAA member representative (or, if you’re not an NBAA member, the signature of the aircraft owner or operator). NBAA also requires a copy of the aircraft registration for verification purposes. There is no cost for joining the program.