Final Report: Mechanical Failure

 - October 18, 2006, 1:59 PM

Learjet 25B, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Dec. 20, 2004–The NTSB blamed the accident on loss of directional control due to the failure of the nosegear strut seal, which prevented the gear from centering. It also mentioned as a factor the berm with which the airplane collided.

Taking off from Eastern Iowa Airport, the crew said they felt rough spots in the runway. When the copilot raised the gear, he noticed that there was an unsafe indication for the nose gear.

After recycling the gear at 5,000 feet with no resolution, they returned to the airport, lowered the gear and got the down-and-locked indication for all three gear. When the nosewheel touched down, the airplane made a sharp left turn and hit a four-foot-high berm.