P&WC CSC Europe names Premiair a maintenance facility

 - October 18, 2006, 12:06 PM

Prist Aerospace, long-time manufacturer and supplier of anti-icing aviation fuel additives, has formed an alliance with Hammonds Fuel Additives. Prist is now recommending Hammonds’ additive injector systems and microbicide Brobor JF for use with Prist anti-icing fuel additive. These recommendations are now being printed on all Prist and Hammonds packaging.

According to Chris Arapoglou, president of Prist Aerospace, the alliance marks the first time Prist has recommended a specific anti-microbial additive and injection system. Combining Prist with Biobor JF helps Prist achieve peak performance, said the company. Hammonds claims its additive injector system has the proven reliability and accuracy needed to bring about the peak performance of these chemical additives in aviation fuels.

The partnership ultimately seeks to combine the separate steps of adding Prist and then a separate dosage of microbicide into one easy process. This would be accomplished through a joint product that premixes Prist and Biobor JF. According to Arapoglou, this is especially important because while Prist and other generic forms of ice-inhibiting additive do inhibit growth of microbes in aviation fuels, they are not true microbicides like Biobor JF, which is capable of complete “bug” elimination.

“We are excited about our strategic partnership with Hammonds. As the premier brands in the aviation fuel additive industry, we are demonstrating that there is no sense in settling for anything but the best. Further, this partnership will no doubt result in viable solutions to problems currently experienced in the aviation industry,” said Arapoglou.