King Air 350 Heavy Certified

 - October 19, 2006, 7:05 AM

On September 20 Raytheon Aircraft received Part 23 commuter category certification of a King Air 350, a milestone in the company’s plan eventually to offer a Model 350ER, a special-missions version of the twin turboprop. This new aircraft has been modified with a heavyweight landing gear, as well as several airframe mods, permitting it to operate at an mtow of 16,500 pounds, an increase of 1,500 pounds over a standard 350. The next step is to complete the development and certification of nacelle fuel tanks which, when added to a heavyweight 350, will extend range. Certification of the King Air 350ER is slated for next summer. A spokesperson told AIN that the company is “currently evaluating” whether to offer the improvements as separately available options on new aircraft, as well as for retrofit.