Brazil's Helipark Will Provide Bell Maintenance

 - October 23, 2006, 12:26 PM

Brazilian executive aviation company TAM (Táxi Aéreo Marília) has selected Helipark as its authorized maintenance provider for Bells. Bell currently has about 30 percent of the non-military helicopter market in Brazil, with 216 of the nation’s 786 helicopters.

TAM, which began selling Bells last year, initially considered expanding its jet maintenance operations to helicopters, but it ultimately opted to sign the agreement with Helipark because of its solid reputation and broad range of world-class services, said Rui Aquino, TAM president. As part of the deal Helipark will refer potential helicopter buyers to TAM.

Carapicuiba-based Helipark is one of the largest helicopter maintenance companies in Brazil. It is the only service center in Latin America authorized to service and overhaul Bells, Eurocopters and Robinsons. Helipark was the first helicopter maintenance company to meet the new regulations issued recently by Brazil’s Department of Civil Aviation. Last year the company maintained an average of 30 aircraft per month, and it expects a 30-percent increase in demand this year.

Aquino expects to sell at least 10 helicopters this year, up from two last year. TAM expects helicopter sales to double to 20 next year. Nonetheless, helicopter sales continue to represent only a fraction of the company’s sales revenues, which are expected to reach $49 million (Real 115 million) this year, up from last year’s $44 million (Real 103 million). TAM currently offers AB139s, Bell 230s, 427s, 407s and 429s to the Brazilian market.