Spanish Operator Invests in Simulator

 - October 23, 2006, 12:18 PM

Helicopteros del Sureste (HSE) has ordered a cueSim Bell 412 flight training device (FTD). The contract with UK manufacturer cueSim includes a comprehensive spares and support package.

The HSE FTD, which is to be qualified to JAR-STD 2H Level 3, the highest standard of type-specific training device, will be housed in a purpose-built installation at HSE’s headquarters in Alicante.

To qualify as a Level 3 FTD, all cockpit functions are simulated and the software modeling of the aircraft dynamics must be within 3 percent of the real aircraft’s performance.

The order follows the recent UK CAA qualification of Bond Air Services’ EC 135 FTD, which was also supplied by cueSim. The OEM’s use of off-the-shelf technology and modular software results in a high degree of commonality between type-specific training devices, notwithstanding different cockpit layouts. The same approach can therefore be used to allow cueSim to provide FTDs for different helicopter types.