EJM recognized for human factors training

 - October 24, 2006, 7:37 AM

Executive Jet Management (EJM), a provider of aircraft management and charter services, received special recognition from Grey Owl Aviation Consultants for its commitment to human factors training and improving safety and reducing maintenance errors.

“Executive Jet Management is one f a few U.S. operators to mandate human factors training in its maintenance training program,” said Richard Komarniski, president of Manitoba, Canada-based Grey Owl. He presented the award to Jim Lewis, EJM’s vice president of maintenance, repair stations.

“Grey Owl human factors training teaches us how to recognize when we are most vulnerable and what actions we can take to become stronger,” Lewis said. “Awareness of our individual characteristics on the job is the first step in preventing anything that might negatively affect the quality of the service we deliver.”

Lewis explained that Grey Owl training gives EJM’s maintenance team a heightened awareness about how some of the most natural human characteristics are directly connected to job performance in maintaining the aircraft. “When we are tired or stressed, we risk losing focus,” Lewis said. “When we struggle with communication, parts of the process might be overlooked. When we perform tasks that are repetitious in nature we might become complacent. This training teaches us how to overcome these tendencies, resulting in an improved product.”