Preliminary Report: LongRanger Hits Oil Platform On Landing

 - October 24, 2006, 10:46 AM

Bell 206B LongRanger, Gulf of Mexico, Aug. 18, 2005–While attempting to land on the West Cameron 560 offshore oil platform, the Bell 206 hit the platform and crashed into the water. The commercial pilot and a mechanic were killed. Operated by Air Logistics of New Iberia, La., the helicopter was flying from another offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Two witnesses on the platform saw it approach. One said that as it headed for the helipad it “sounded like it lost power and started dropping rapidly.” They lost sight of the helicopter as it descended below the living quarters but heard it hit the platform and fall into the water. The emergency floats did not deploy and the helicopter sank. The helicopter was operating on a company flight plan in VMC