Sierracom announces online maintenance tracking service

 - October 24, 2006, 7:52 AM

SierraCom, a division of Sierra Industries, will now provide online services for its maintenance tracking program. Owner/operators will now be able to go to the Web site, log in with user name and password, and see their reports. The owner/operator will receive  notification e-mail alerting them that he SierraCom analyst has updated a report with the flight log or maintenance transaction report that was sent to them.

For the last 25 years Sierra Industries has offered solutions for the Citation Fleet, including SierraCom, the company’s alternative to the manufacturer’s computerized maintenance program. According to the company, the program functions like Cescom and will work or any 500/501, 550/551, S550/S551, 525, 560 and 650.

“SierraCom is our version of the popular electronic maintenance-tracking program that most Citation owners subscribe to with some important differences,” a spokesman said. “The price f SierraCom is about half that of the manufacturer’s program but has the same benefits. SierraCom can be furnished via e-mail, paper or CD-ROM and is easy to understand, and the transition is painless.”