AOPA asks FAA to retain some NDBs

 - October 31, 2006, 9:54 AM

In response to an FAA proposal to eliminate 479 “redundant” NDB approaches as a cost-saving measure, AOPA has given the agency a list of 57 NDB approaches that it believes should remain active because they provide the lowest minimums or because they are important to AOPA members.

After researching the list, AOPA specialists found that in 25 cases, the NDB approach was the best one available. AOPA told the FAA that it is imperative that the cancellation of the NDB approach at an airport should not result in a loss of operational capability.

Reductions in NDB approaches should ensure that comparable, alternative procedures are in place, AOPA said, so users can continue their operation with minimal adverse effects.

Members indicated that another 32 NDB approaches should be retained because they are needed for training, as still required by the FAA’s practical test standards. AOPA told the agency that it needs to shift pilot testing and evaluation emphasis away from NDB procedures.