Comair Adds Another Piece to Puzzle

 - November 1, 2006, 10:28 AM

Comair’s flight attendants last month voted to accept a new five-year contract that would pay new cabin crew about 20 percent less than current employees, moving Comair one step closer to meeting its cost-cutting goals and adding 35 regional jets starting next month. The extra capacity will mean another 350 flight attendant jobs and guarantee existing workers their scheduled pay raises over the life of the contract.

In March the airline’s 1,900 pilots agreed to a pay freeze for the next two years in return for Comair’s promise to add the new airplanes. Last month Delta took eight ex-Independence Air CRJ200s from GECAS as part of a debt restructuring deal. Along with 10 fifty-seaters, Comair has promised to add another 25 seventy-seat CRJ700s or Embraer 170s.