G100 and Astra Owners get Subscription Parts Program

 - November 1, 2006, 12:00 PM

Gulfstream Aerospace is offering a spare parts subscription service that will enable G100 and Astra operators in North, Central and South America and Europe to manage their annual maintenance better.

Budget Plus is a cost-assured parts provision program based on a flat hourly fee that provides exchange and consumable parts to G100 and Astra operators on an as-needed basis. The program includes all parts except the engine, APU and avionics, which are covered under separate maintenance programs offered by their respective manufacturers. Subscribers receive a 10-percent discount on the cost of labor if the work is performed at a Gulfstream or General Dynamics Aviation Services service center.

“The G100/Astra fleet is experiencing a dispatch reliability rate of greater than 99.6 percent,” said Larry Flynn, president of product support at Gulfstream. “Now subscribers to the program will have even more control over their maintenance budget on a month-by-month basis.”