NATA offers members hazmet response services

 - November 8, 2006, 10:40 AM

One of the greatest concerns for any maintenance operation, the potential problems associated with a hazardous material spill, has become a little less worrisome thanks to the National Air Transportation Association (NATA).

The association has announced that it has joined forces with Spill Center, a hazmat support and environmental claims management company based in Hudson, Mass., to provide hazardous-spill reporting and support services to its members.

“Our members are sensitive to the different hazmat reporting requirements around the country,” said NATA president James Coyne. “We welcome Spill Center as the newest NATA affiliate and encourage our members to take advantage of the complimentary consultation, no-charge online resources and discounted support services that are now available to NATA members.”

Online resources include a state-by-state spill-reporting database that lists current regulatory requirements and agency contact information. Members can access the data and other information through the Spill Center link on NATA’s Web site. Spill Center personnel can also help NATA members by providing rapid response to all spill events, reports and inquiries.

“Spill Center offers a comprehensive program of accidental spill support services, including legal, technical and environmental expertise and resources. The program is designed to control costs and limit liability arising from accidental releases of fuel and other regulated materials,” said Spill Center president Tom Moses, an environmental attorney and former EPA toxicologist.