Full-Spectrum Enhances Touch Control

 - November 9, 2006, 5:18 AM

“Let there be light,” said designers at DeCrane Aircraft’s Audio International, and to make it even better, they added full-spectrum color. The Little Rock, Ark.-based company’s Spectra 35 full-color, fully programmable LCD touch control switch is the first in the Spectra 20 Series, named in recognition of the company’s 20th anniversary in business. Designed for a large business jet, the screen displays full-color graphics at 230 x 460 resolution and can accept standard or noise-canceling headphones. It is capable of receiving analog or digital audio while delivering stereo audio to the integrated headphone jacks. For installations where depth is an issue, Audio International offers a split version called the Spectra 35S, and reduces the depth of the unit assembly from 1.51-inches to .79 inches, while retaining the same 4.93-inch by 2.48-inch frame.