Confusing EADI issue in crash?

 - December 5, 2006, 6:55 AM

The NTSB’s analysis of the Nov. 22, 2004, crash of a Business Jet Services Gulfstream III suggests that the pilots might have followed the fast/slow indicator on the left side of their EADIs instead of the glideslope on the right. On the way to pick up former President George H.W. Bush, the aircraft crashed into a light pole more than three miles southwest of Houston’s Hobby Airport while attempting to shoot the ILS Runway 4 approach. Cockpit voice recorder transcripts indicate that the first officer switched the VOR to the ILS frequency one minute before impact and that the pilots didn’t then notice the full- or near-full-scale deflection of the glideslope indicator. The accident airplane and three company airplanes were equipped with fast/slow indicators on the left and glideslope on the right, but five of the company airplanes had the glideslope on the left side.