GE signs first customer for CF34 engine modification

 - December 8, 2006, 10:46 AM

GE has signed Herzog as the launch customer for its new Challenger 601 CF34 engine modernization program. The program for the CF34-1A/-3A/-3A2 engines upgrades the hot section to enable operators to transition from a “hard time” maintenance schedule with scheduled hot-section inspections and overhauls to an “on-condition” maintenance schedule.

According to GE, program benefits include longer time-on-wing, increased aircraft resale value and lower overall cost of ownership. In addition, operators can enroll in GE’s OnPoint rate per hour services plan at a rate per hour up to 60 percent lower than the current hard-time rate.

The program retrofits the hot section of the CF34-1A/3A/3A2 to the airline-proven CF34-3A1 hot section. The upgrade includes adding high pressure turbine (HPT) boroscope capability, using advanced steel shrouds and more robust stator in the HPT and incorporating advanced combustion and transition liners.

The current “hard time” maintenance is scheduled for every 3,000 hours, or about seven years. With the new upgrade, the average first unscheduled shop visit will occur at about 9,000 hours, equivalent to 20 years of typical business jet operation.