Lineage 1000 Moves Closer to Reality

 - December 18, 2006, 11:30 AM

Brazilian OEM Embraer introduced its Lineage 1000 in May last year and a spokesman says the company has already taken orders for “more than five” of the twinjet bizliners, the first of which is scheduled for customer delivery in the middle of next year.

A spokesman said the first airplane interior installation will be done by PATS Aircraft, based in Georgetown, Del., and part of the DeCrane Aircraft Systems Integration Group. Subsequent Lineage 1000s will also be assigned for completion at PATS. Other DeCrane Aircraft divisions have been contracted to provide “key interior components,” including seating, cabinetry and in-flight information and entertainment systems.

The London-based design firm Priestman Goode has been contracted to design the Lineage 1000 interiors. The airplane, in a market niche between the Gulfstream and the Boeing Business Jet, is expected to offer five distinct cabin areas, including stateroom, dining room and lounge. Amenities include an optional shower.