Airbus A380 Certified; can a BEHEMOTH bizliner be far behind?

 - December 21, 2006, 6:07 AM

Amid ceremonies December 12 in Toulouse, France, the Airbus A380 received joint type certification approvals from the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency. At 1.19 million pounds, it is the largest airliner ever built and as an executive/VIP bizliner will offer 6,819 sq ft of floor space. It will be capable of carrying several hundred VIP passengers about 8,000 nm. Airbus has been in talks with some executive/VIP Boeing 747 owners about replacing their existing rides, but there has been no confirmation to date of an executive/VIP A380 order. The big jet lists for about $285 million green, and independent completion centers estimate an executive/VIP cabin will add another $150 million or so to that price.